Maintain peace

Mysuru, a peaceful city, was in turmoil the other day due to killing of a political activist. Whatever may be the differences with individuals or groups, killing a fellow human being is not a solution. It aggravates the situation further and results in damage to the peaceful environment of this lovely city. It seems, city police were caught off guard. There is a need for strict vigil to apprehend mischief mongers. Hope, CCB will hunt down the culprits and put them behind bars at the earliest. Political parties need to exercise control over their followers and desist from igniting passions. Community leaders need to exhort their followers to be more sensible in their reactions and not to heed to rumors. Having lived in different parts of the country most of the years, I feel Mysuru is one of the best places to live. Let us all strive to maintain this name.

MRG Murthy, Mysuru

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