Major markets closed down; sanitising work begins

Mysuru, June 25:- As the coronavirus cases are increasing in Mysuru city, major markets of the city have been closed completely for four days. All the entire areas are being sanitised.

Paurakarmikas were busy sanitising Chikka Gadiyara, Boti Bazar, footpaths and roads surrounding them. As people come to these markets areas in large numbers, the cleaning process has been undertaken. Covid-19 positive patients may have visited the markets unknowingly and to ensure the ensure safety of the public, cleaning and sanitising process have been held.

Devaraja Market, Santhepete, Shivarampet, Mannars’ Market, Boti Bazar and surrounding areas will be sanitized till June 28. Pourakarmikas are sanitizing the areas with all precautionary measures as instructed by the higher officials. (MR\KS).

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