Make a task force led by state chief secretary: C H Vijay Shankar

Mysuru, July 17:- State BJP Raitha Morcha president C H Vijay Shankar urged the government to form a task force led by state chief secretary as the draught situation continues in state.

He was addressing a press meet at Mysuru press club on Monday.

“State has been witnessing continuous draught scenes the past 3 years. Farmers who were expecting good monsoon rains this year are saddened by the lack of rain. But the state government has taken no action to protect the remaining crops. They should for a committee of experts to protect the interests of the farmers,” he added.

He also asked the government to hold the Advisory Committee meeting of all the dams in the state to discuss how to effectively utilise the remaining water.

“The central government has provided Fasal Bima scheme to the farmers. But the state government has exempted several crops. If those crops are not included BJP Raitha Morcha will put a seige to the horticulture department,” he added.

Kote Shivanna, Prasanna Gowda, Boregowda, Satish and others were present. (KMR)

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