Make the paurakarmikas permanent employees

Mysuru, May 6:- “Paurakarmikas should be announced as permanent employees and the government should fulfill their demands,” said the city secretary of Karantha Dalita Sangharsha Samiti, K Nanjappa.

He was addressing a press meet held at the Mysuru Press Club on Saturday.

“The state government is neglecting the paurakarmikas, who are working day and night to keep the city clean. Chief Minister had given a deadline of March 31 to make them the permanent employees. But that assurance faded away along with the victory of by elections,” he added.

He urged the state government to provide equal payment for the work, free site and house for them from the Urban Development Authority and other basic amenities. He urged to blacklist the tender holders who cheated the paurakarmikas without paying the PF. Morning breakfast should be provided for them and IPD Salappa Committee report should be implemented.

“We congratulate the corporation for being in the top five clean cities. But introspection should be done to find out the reasons to lose the number one spot. The MCC did not show the courtesy to take even a single paurakarmika to receive the award. It shows how much they neglect the services of paurakarmikas,” he added.

District convener Ningaraju Malladi, district women’s convener Putta lakshmamma, C Mohan Kumar Hebbal and others were present in the press meet.

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