Covid-19 pandemic: Malady and remedy


By Pradyu M

The second wave of Covid-19 is spreading at a faster pace than last year and the Union Health Ministry has given the alarm that the next 4 weeks is very critical. Now, who is to be blamed for such a situation?  The public and the authority in one way or the other are responsible for such a situation.

As lockdowns came to an end and strict prohibitions and orders were lifted, the public began to flout the norms to be followed. Further, the vaccination drive gave the people a false sense of safety and security that ” if the remedy is ready why fear the fatal malady?”

The election campaigns in some states saw leaders, party workers and all completely forgetting and ignoring Covid protocol, their only aim being to amass votes rather than caring for the safety of the people. Protocol during religious festivals and congregation’s were simply flouted in order to appease the religious sentiments of the people.

Now the central government has stressed people’s participation to control the second wave of the deadly virus and definitely people’s participation is vital to control the second wave as harnessing the pandemic spread is possible only with each and every individual’s support and help.  As lockdowns only break the economical spine of the nation, the only other alternative is to follow the norms and safety measures faithfully and get along with the chores of the day, keeping in mind that negligence and irresponsibility are equal to welcoming peril to oneself, the society and the nation as a whole.

(The writer is a regular contributor to City Today)

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