Man-animal conflict – use pepper spray

Man-animal conflict is on the rise. Man is encroaching the habitats of wild animals and in turn, wild animals are foraying into human habitats in search of food.  Unless this situation is corrected and human beings learn to live with what they have and stop aspiring for what belongs to others, this conflicting situation will continue, thus endangering the living conditions of both animals and human beings. Such detrimental situations must be avoided.

Vasanthkumar Mysoremath

Animals also feel hungry and they have right on the natural resources of this only world that has a wonderful food chain arrangement for all classes of living beings. We cannot teach animals or tell them not to come to urban areas or to stop taking away our cattle or dogs. It is also inhuman to kill those beautiful wild animals since their numbers are depleting.  Therefore, it is necessary to draw a line for human beings, who are supposed to be rational animals, to stop their greed for more and more forest land area or water bodies that belong to other living beings, flora and fauna and birds and bees.

In the meanwhile, in order to save ourselves from attack by wild animals and particularly the forest guards/staff, in addition to the known safety measures like traps, nets, tranquilizer guns etc., here is an idea that is implementable.

Pepper spray cans may be used successfully to stunt the attack by the wild animals during those golden moments.  Pepper cans can spray their contents to a good distance and whoever receives the spray, will suffer immediate irritation of eyes. The more one rubs, the more the burning sensation would be.  Confusion confounds and it will be well neigh impossible to think rationally or act with swiftness. During those golden moments, one can easily escape from the imminent dangerous moves of the wild animals and it would be easy to capture the animal during its confusing moments.   Pepper spray effect will exist for some time and then the body’s immune system will repair the damaged cells and normalcy is restored. The contents are not capable of killing or creating permanent damage to the body.

Word of caution: Carefully follow the instructions noted on the cans.

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