Man attacks in-laws with machete; commits suicide

A man who attacked his in-laws with a machete killed himself after the incident at Kumbarakoppalu on Saturday evening. A case in this regard has been registered at the Metagalli police station.

Thirty-four-year-old Hampannachari alias Hampanna has been identified as the attacker and his in-laws have been identified as Swamy and Gayathri, residents of Kumbarakoppalu.

According to the police, Appannachari, a resident of Kollegala, had married Pushpa, the daughter of Swamy and Gayathri in 2007. Though initially they were a happy couple, differences arose between them and Swamy applied for a divorce in 2010. They have an 8-year-old child Surya.

Enraged by the divorce application, Pushpa had filed a series of dowry harassment and other cases against Swamy. Pushpa later came back to her parents’ house and stayed with them along with her child. The cases too took their own course of time to complete and according to family members, they were to be settled amicably.

On Saturday, Hampannachari came to Kumbarakoppalu and expressed his desire to see his son. Pushpa’s parents welcomed him thinking that he had transformed and came there with good intentions. But Hampannachari had carried a machete and a bottle of poison in his bag.

He met his son and when Pushpa’s mother Gayathri went into the kitchen to make some tea, Hampannachari drew the machete from the bag and tried to attack Pushpa. Hearing the commotion, Gayathri came out of the kitchen only to be attacked by Hampannachari.

Hampannachari hit her on the head and shoulders. Pushpa’s father Swamy who intervened was also attacked. He immediately told Pushpa to run out of the house through the backdoor along with her son. Pushpa who rushed out of the house screamed for help.

Meanwhile, realising that his intention was not served, Hampannachari took out the poison bottle from his bag and consumed the contents. By the time the neighbours and the police arrived and the bleeding victims were rushed to a private hospital in Gokulam, Hampannachari had died inside the house.

On Sunday morning, Hampannachari’s relatives squabbled with Pushpa’s family members and relatives. The condition of Gayathri is said to be serious.

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