Man bundled into a car, robbed

A man was bundled into a car and robbed in the city on Tuesday evening. There were four persons inside the car and according to the victim, they were following him and attacked him near Sharadadevinagar.

Shivakumar from Nanjangud was working at a cement showroom as a security guard. At around 6:30 PM, he went to an ATM near RMP and withdrew Rs 10,000 and went to two more ATMs to withdraw cash. He said that he needed the cash to release his wife’s gold ornaments that have been pledged with a pawn broker.

He then proceeded towards Sharadadevinagar and stopped at a fast food centre. “As I was standing at the fast food centre, a car approached me and 4 persons were inside the car. They asked me the address of a particular place and one of them suddenly opened the car door and pulled me inside,” Shivakumar said.

Shivakumar was then taken to the Ring Road and robbed of cash and mobile phones after assaulting him. The criminals dumped him on the road and fled the spot.

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