Man caught while filming neighbour’s intimate scenes

Saraswathipuram Police offi­cers have arrested a person on Wednesday for allegedly filming private moments of his neighbour on his mobile phone camera.

Devanayaka alias Devap­pa, 33, is a resident of Old Bogadi in the city, is accused of covertly capturing videos of his neighbour. The arrest has led to revelations of var­ious criminal cases reported against him and shockingly, the Saraswathipuram police officials also seized one kg of marijuana from him during the raid. The officials have also recovered a 8-gb memory card with porn clips in it.

The accused, it is learnt from the Police officials, used to set up a mobile phone cam­era on a tree, after making a hole to facilitate the view, di­rected towards his neighbour’s bedroom and allegedly record­ed intimate scenes. Devanaya­ka used to place mobile phone camera in the morning and ac­cess his phone in the evening to check the recorded footage. It is also alleged that the ac­cused had uploaded the inti­mate videos of his neighbours on the social media and porn sites but this is yet to be in­vestigated by the police. It was only yesterday that the hole in which Devanayaka had set up the mobile phone camera was spotted by the neighbour and caught Devanayaka red-hand­ed while removing the mobile phone. The complaint then was lodged against Devanaya­ka which led to his arrest. The police are investigating.

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