Man-eater tiger kills 3rd victim

Mysuru, February 1:- Three people have been killed by the man-eater tiger at D Kuppe village in H D Kote taluk within a span of one month.

Kencha (60) of Thimmanahosalli village was killed by the tiger on Thursday. The tiger mauled Kencha while he was digging tapioca at Sebinakolli. It also tried to kill a boy named Ballu who was with Kencha. Ballu ran away and climbed a tree to survive. When the tiger was drinking Kencha’s blood, he threw a rod at it and ran away. It had attempted to kill one Nanjunda who had gone for open defecation. The tiger had killed Madhu and Chennappa and now killed Kencha. The villagers expressed their anger against the forest department.

One Mallesh of the village said that the tiger should have been captured as soon as it killed a person at Mavinamoole Hadi and said it is killing human beings one after the other as it has got the taste of blood. He said that the forest department doesn’t even care for the lives of human beings. Adivasi leader Vijay Kumar urged to shoot and kill the tiger immediately before it kills another person. (KS, MR)

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