Man feigns mental sickness to escape punishment

Mysuru, January 8:- A person, who misbehaved with a woman sub-inspector, feigned to be mentally ill when he got to know an FIR was filed against him.

Brother of a former corporator, Mohan Kumar allegedly misbehaved with a woman sub-inspector. Mohan Kumar and his brother had a spat. Mohan Kumar’s wife had been to Lashkar police station to file a complaint against his brother. Mohan Kumar,  who accompanied his wife, questioned SI Pooja and threatened her to file FIR or else would get her transferred.

Pooja complained about the incident to Inspector Vivekananda who immediately filed an FIR against Mohan Kumar. When he got to know about the FIR, he started behaving like a mentally ill man and got admitted to a private hospital. (MR/KS).

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