Man violates traffic signal 201 times; police set to auction bike

Mysuru, October 31:-It had to happen some day. A person who had violated traffic signals 201 times handed over his two wheeler to the police, unable to pay a whopping fine of Rs 20,000. Siddharatha Nagar traffic police have now decided to auction the bike.

Roshan Ali Baig, a daily wage worker from Rajiv Nagar, is the man who is in question. The bike is worth Rs 10,000, the police say. After the bike owner’s consent, the police have now decided to auction it, though they may not be able to recover the full penalty amount.

Baig was caught by the police on August 19. All put together, the bike has 201 cases pending against it. He had purchased a second hand bike and had not changed the owner’s address. The police asked him to pay Rs 20,000 as final settlement and Baig said he would collect his bike and left it with the police. He didn’t turn up as the fine would have cost him more than the value of the bike. The police have now decided to auction the bike.

Around 7,622 vehicles in the city have 20 or more violations against them.  Now the police are visiting the residences to collect the fine amount. At first, the vehicle owners don’t agree to pay the fine, but they do after seeing the proof, says ACP K N Madaiah.  With the police cracking the whip on traffic violations, one only hopes things fall in line. (MR/KS).

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