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H Chennappa, a native of Hanur, is serving as the additional director of Kannada and Culture Department, Mysuru district. He is a well known writer, is the author of Anna- a book that bagged the Karnataka Sahitya Academy award. He has also penned a play titled ‘Bellada Doni’ which received a great appreciation from readers. He is also credited with writing various stories and has bagged many awards under best story categories organized by various print media. He started his career in education field in the year 1998 and has played a major role in introducing various programmes and initiatives in a government high school in Koppal district. He worked as a KES officer and also serviced in Gundlupet as field coordinator. His passion towards literature, culture made him to serve in the Kannada and culture department and Chennappa recently took charge as the Additional director to the Mysuru district Kannada and culture department. Speaking to City Sunday, he shares his views on the challenges, responsibilities and programmes that are in row in the hands of the department.

What are the major responsibilities of your department?

My department has been actively performing with a mission to preserve and propagate Kannada language, culture and heritage of Karnataka. The department has a clear vision and has responsibilities to enable our language and culture as the most outstanding feature and project Karnataka culture and language globally.

What are the challenges the department is facing?

The department is promoting progressive use of Kannada language and encourages cultural activities and artistes in the state through various department sponsored programmes. Today we see various rural talents, folk artistes and people who are culturally active. We need to encourage them and create a platform to exhibit their talents and at the same time, honour individuals and institutions and also support poor artiste by granting funds and pensions to make them promote the culture and heritage of the state.

Is there awareness among artistes and writers on grants or subsidies offered by the department?

We have taken various measures and has introduced various programmes to create awareness on the activities of the department. In the district level and taluk level the department has introduced various programmes to encourage artistes; we have granted many aids and have sponsored various programmes.

Kannada and Culture Department is the first one in the state to go paperless. How beneficial it is to have e-administration?

With the introduction of ambitious e-administration and e-office,  the department has gone digital thereby becoming the first department in the state to go paperless and 14th department in the nation. This new initiative will definitely help in file movements, noting, orders and any notifications will be done electronically. It will be easier to artistes to get the pensions, grant that are offered to the artistes.

What are the recent programmes initiated by your department?

In the recent cabinet meeting government has given clearance for various programmes under Kannada and Culture Department and has granted funds in July for the conduction of programmes like Chiguru that gives platform for young talents of the state and the other programme titled Yuva Sourbha is designed to create platform for youngsters. We are also introducing programmes like Samsruthika Sourabha a platform for people of all age groups and others than these Sponsored programmes, Janapara Utsava, Guru-Shishya Parampare, Sadhakarondige Samvada and many others programmes will also be introduced.  

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