Mandya Ramesh honoured with Rotary Kadamaba Ranga Award

Theatre art expects fidelity from artistes and it is the duty of every artiste to continue his/her  involvement with theatre even after achieving fame or wealth, said noted film director T S Nagabharana.

Speaking after conferring ‘Rotary Kadamaba Ranga Award’ to actor and theatre artiste Mandya Ramesh on Saturday at Rotary Auditorium  Nagabharana said: “Theatre art provides a great platform to all acting aspirants but it is the duty and responsibility of every theatre artiste to be loyal and show their fidelity to this art form. Mandya Ramesh started his acting journey through theatre but even after acting in many films, he is still very much connected to theatre. Through his Natana Theatre Group he has staged various plays and has come up with more than 200 shows till date. This has been possible due to his love for theatre and his dedication to the field”.

“Every theatre artiste must have a research-oriented mindset, wherein he has an urge to think in depth on a particular subject and work for the betterment of human kind. This will justify his life as a theatre artiste,” he added.

Rotary Mysuru North president D B Rajashekharamurthy, Assistant governor H R Keshav, President of Kadamba Ranga Vedike Rajashekhar Kadamba and others were present.

After conferring ‘Rotary Kadamaba Ranga Award’ to actor and theatre artiste Mandya Ramesh, famed Kannada movie director T S Nagabharana lauded the actor for continuing his association with theatre despite achieving fame through movies.

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