‘Mangala Goyatre’ reaches Mysuru

‘Mangala Goyatre’, a campaign on cow protection, launched by Ramachandrapur Mutt seer Raghaveshwara Bharati, reached the city on Monday.

Speaking on the occasion, chief of Rashtriya Hindu Sena, Pramod Muthalik said: “The noble task of cow protection is every one’s responsibility. Though the central government has enforced strict action against beef eating, it has not been followed strictly. Mangala Goyatre would also focus on creating awareness against consuming beef. Public should make up their mind and boycott eating beef. The yatra will travel in various streets and culminate at Raghavendra Mutt in city.”

The campaign has been named after Mangal Pandey who raised voice against the British over issues related to cows. The campaign will travel for 80 days covering 10,000 kms and reach 250 cities and 500 towns. Awareness programmes on cow protection will be held in 2,000 schools across the state. The concluding ceremony will be held in Mangaluru on January 28.

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