Manthana against Tippu Jayanti

“Tippu Sultan was intolerant, religious fanatic and hater of Kannada language. He was responsible for the genocide of as many as 40,000 Kodavas in Devattipurambu near Bhagamandala by his fake call of extending friendship to the innocent Kodavas. We must oppose the celebration of Tippu Jayanti that is going to be organised by the Karnataka government on November 10,” said Addanda Kariappa, theatre personality and former president, Kodava Sahitya Academy, at a discussion on ‘Tippu Jayanti Beke?’ organised by ‘Manthana’ at Sharada Vilas College on Saturday.

After inaugurating the programme he said: “MLC A K Subbaiah has supported celebrating Tippu Jayanti in a big way and he has accused all Kodavas as agents of BJP. He was speaking sense when he was with Janasangh but he lost his mental balance after joining the Congress.”

Hitting out at Primary and Secondary Education Minister Tanveer Sait, asking  people to observe Tippu Jayanti, he said: “The statement of Sait on organising Tippu Jayanti clearly shows that he is a religious fanatic. We need to oppose this peacefully,” he added.

Robert Rosario, socio-political analyst, Mangaluru, said: “Tippu Sultan is the one who demolished many churches in coastal areas. He arrested around 70,000 Christians and brought them to Srirangapattana on foot. Around 20,000 Christians died on the way. We need to defeat their mindset with our agitation. Also the bishops and fathers should take part in opposing Tippu Jayanti,” he added.

P D Medappa, veteran advocate, A S Nagaraj, president, Manthana, Mallaraje Urs, convener and as many as 300 people were present in the programme.

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