Marching orders for student for bad in studies

Mysuru, June 29:- In a shocking incident, a prestigious school in the city gave marching orders to a student, saying he was not good in studies.  Though the Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights has instructed the Education Department to cancel the accreditation of the school, no action has been taken so far.

Vijaya Vittala School had asked Jeeva S Gowda to leave the school by issuing transfer certificate. Jeeva was a student in the school for close 11 years.  The school administration gave the Transfer Certificate (TC) to the student to keep its track record intact. Though the parents have complained to BEO, DDPI, no action has been taken against the school.

Even after six months of the direction from Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, no response has been given by the department. His parents alleged that the school administration has also harassed Pruthvi S Gowda, younger brother of Jeeva, who studies in Class 4 in the same school. (MR/KS).


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