Marithibbegowda blames govt for boycott of PU exam evaluation

Deputy Speaker Legislative Council Marithibbegowda squarely blamed the state government for the boycott of evaluation of II PUC answer scripts by the PU lecturers and stated that the apathy and the lack of will to implement the recommendations of the G Kumar Naik report with regard to wage disparity was the main reason for the imbroglio now.
Addressing a press conference on Thursday said that the state government has not implemented the report seeking the redressal of wage disparity. Since 1996 the PU lectures have agitated. However, all the successive governments that have come to power have failed to fulfill the demands of the lecturers.
Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had promised to implement the recommendations of the report but to no avail. By now it has become clear that it is the lack of political will that is resulting in the non-implementation of the report, he said.
He further took side with the lecturers and said that they have remained patient over the years and hence it is now the responsibility of the government to address the issue at once look after the wellbeing of the students and lecturers as well, he added.
To a query on technical glitches in implementing the report, he said that financial experts have said that it requires additional Rs 225 crore per year. The G Kumar Naik report was drafted in 2010 but it was kept in the dark and in the year 2012 it came to light. The state government should immediately act and provide justice.
On the question paper leak row he said that the students were subjected to greater injustice.

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