Markers will be used in elections depending upon the quality: Election Commissioner

Mysuru, July 21:- “Instead of using ink, marker pens will be introduced in the elections in the state,” said state Commissioner of election commission Srinivasachari.

He was speaking after visiting Mysuru paints and Varnish (MyLac) factory in the city on Friday. He said, “We take pride to say that the ink produced in Mysuru is being used in all the elections in the nation. I have come here to know the functioning of the factory and the quality of the ink produced. The ink used in regular markers and the election markers are completely different. Depending upon the quality and operational easiness of the markers, the decision will be taken.”

“I have personally visited and observed the ink used in city council elections, panchayat elections and other elections. I will discuss the implementation of markers in the assembly with MyLac president H A Venkatesh,” he added.

H A Venkatesh and other officials were present. (KS)

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