MART 156 contributes RO plant to govt school

Mysuru, March 26:- Mysore Amity Round Table 156 (MART 156) has donated a water purifying RO plant to the Yelwal Government School in the city.

The RO plant, with a capacity of 400 liters of water per hour, will service 1080 students studying in this school.

The plant was presented by Anirudh Ranga, Chairman, Mysore Amity Round Table 156 in the presence of Mayur Shah, Chairman, Area 13, Round Table India to reduce the waterborne health risks amongst the students.

Speaking about the initiative, Anirudh Ranga said, “Impure water is the root cause of several diseases. Most of the common health issues affecting children these days are through impurities in water, hence a purifier is imperative. Children are the future of our country and with these initiatives, we are trying to eliminate any form of hindrance that might interrupt a student’s education. With the scorching summer ahead, the intake of water will only increase amongst the students. Hence, it is a necessity for schools to have access to clean water.”

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