MART 156, MALC 108 donates toilet blocks for Koorgalli Govt School

The Toilet Block Project at the Koorgalli Government School by Mysore Amity Round Table 156 and Mysore Amity Ladies Circle 108 was inaugurated by Kiran V Ranga, Vice Chairman, MART 156, recently.

Government Higher Primary School, Koorgalli was started in academic year 1978-79, with 272 underprivileged children.  The school had only 2 toilets which impacted the health and hygiene of children. Mysore Amity Round Table 156 and Mysore Amity Ladies Circle have provided the school with 2 toilet blocks – one for girls and one for boys with a total 6 urinals and 8 faucets.

Kiran Ranga, said: “Basic hygiene can never be compromised under any circumstances. We are glad to be part of such an initiative. We also congratulate MART 156 and MALC 108 for this initiative. We intend to support more of such initiatives and help create a better environment for the students to learn and grow”.

Sunil Kumar, Naveen Chandra, Chirag Mehta, Mayur Shah, Kailash, Sampada, Pooja Kiran Ranga, Smriti Manoj and Anusuya, Head Mistress, Koorgalli Government School were present.

Round Table India through their philosophy of Freedom Through Education has been contributing extensively towards the cause of education. They have been instrumental in improvising nearly 1,800 schools, have built around 5,000 classrooms and impacted around 5 million children in the country.

In Mysore alone, Round Table India has constructed and renovated around 11 schools. Further basic amenities like filtered drinking water, toilet blocks, furniture, books and study materials have also been provided to them.

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