Marxist theory not new to India: Prof

 “Intellect, money and power are ruling the contemporary world instead of equality,” lamented Prof Shantha Raju of Vijaya College, Bengaluru, on Monday.

He was speaking after inaugurating a special lecture in Marxism organised by the Department of Kannada Maharaja College at Junior B A Hall.
Addressing the gathering he said that the Marxist theory was not new to India. In the 12th century Basavanna espoused the equality and peaceful-co existence. His philosophies sort of can be stated to have laid the foundation for Marxism in India.
When Karl Marx introduced Marxist theories we all were aware of it. The principles proposed by him mainly the concept of equal distribution was effective. However his theory failed to be effective when it was adopted. The reason was the failure of government bodies to implement it effectively. When analysing the situation it is evident that intellect, money and power were driving the world.

He said that as the scenario in the world was changing the way we look at the principles too change. The society in the present day is turning violent and this point of time Marxism was of relevance and importance. The egalitarians who stress on equality have gone to the extreme by advocating giving away of Kashmir to Pakistan. These are divisive attempts, he added.
Principal of Maharaja Degree College Dr B Nagarajamurthy was present.

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