Maths is easy if taught properly: Prahallada

“Mathematics is an easy subject to understand, provided if it is taught with lot of daily life examples drawn from children’s environment,” said Dr N N Prahallada, consultant, National Early Literacy Programme (NELP) of NCERT for southern states, Regional Institute of Education, Mysuru. He was delivering a lecture on ‘How to make mathematics interesting to students’ to a group of mathematics teachers drawn from Puducherry at the Directorate of School Education complex in Puducherry recently.

“The saying ‘Mathematics is a hard nut to crack’ needs to be removed from the minds of students through appropriate teaching methods. Teaching aids like paper and card board cutting can be used to encourage students to learn mathematics with ease and confidence. The fear of mathematics in students can be erased easily by the teachers if the subject is approached properly. Teachers should develop reasoning power in children while teaching mathematics and this will go a long way in helping them to take more interest in the subject.”

Arokia Das, programme co-ordinator, explained the contours of five-day mathematics programme.

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