Mayor assures khata transfer, building plan approval in 15 days

In what might come as a sigh of relief to Mysureans making rounds of the Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) to get their building plans approved or khata transferred, MCC Mayor B L Bhyrappa on Wednesday announced that the process, henceforth, would not take more than 15 days.


Speaking to mediapersons the mayor said that the process was streamlined in order to address the “unnecessary harassment” people were being subjected to by making them run from pillar to post.


“Anyone wanting to get their khata transferred or building plan approved has to submit an envelope with the communication address written on it along with a postal stamp. The documents will be scrutinised in front of the applicant to ensure everything is proper. The documents then will be sent on the mentioned address within 15 days,” Bhyrappa said.


He however said that the building plans for sites measuring 20X30, 30X40, 30X50 and 40X60 will be approved within 15 days and sites measuring above will be dealt separately.


The corporation receives around 250 applications for building plan approval and khata transfers. The process, before it was streamlined, used to take up to six months.


The mayor further said that the new process would be strictly followed. “An official notice would be sent to the officials found violating the norms. The continued violation may amount to suspension of officials,” Bhyrappa added.


Swimming pools

To provide swimming pool facility to the public, the MCC has called tenders for the construction and maintenance of swimming pools at Ali Park Play Ground or Thammaiah Park Play Ground in Udayagiri and Nivedita Nagar Stadium, and re-construction and maintenance of Bhavasar Swimming Pool on Narayana Shastri road, all three at the Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs one lakh. Submission of bid date is March 28 while the opening of bid is on March 30.


Water Vending Machine (WVM) in 15 wards

Under Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) the MCC has called tenders for the construction of water vending machines at ward 7, 9, 11, 16, 18, 20, 34, 35, 37, 44, 50, 51 and 52. People can avail 20 litres of purified water by inserting a two-rupee coin.


“We have plans to have one machine in each ward,” Bhyrappa said. Besides, he added, Akhila Karnataka Brahmins Welfare Society has come forward to construct and maintain two WVM in ward 13 and 19, Rajeev Sneha Balaga in JP Nagar and Aishwarya Developer who are yet to identify the ward.


Mayor B L Bhyrappa has assured people that there would be no water scarcity during summer as MCC has taken all the necessary measures. “We are informed that there is enough water in KRS and Kabini reservoirs and people need not worry about it,” he said.

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