MCC commissioner questioned over suspension of projects at Council meet

Mysuru, September 6:- The council meeting of Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) was held on Thursday prior to the commencement of Dasara festivities.

The council members expressed their dissatisfaction over the cancellation of projects introduced by the previous MCC commissioner and questioned the present MCC commissioner Gurudatta Hegde on his decision. They questioned as to whether the law permits to suspend the projects.

Corporator MV Ramaprasad urged to fill the potholes on the city roads ahead of Nada Habba ‘Mysuru Dasara.’ Corporator Prema Shankaregowda also supported him and urged to resume the projects sanctioned by the previous commissioner. Ramaprasad said that the numerous potholes in the city has shamed the corporation.

Opposition leader in the MCC BV Manjunath alleged that MCC has not taken action to especially during rains and the parks remain unattended. He said that an official of Zone 1 of MCC requested for 1,000 saplings and it was sidelined.

He said that the Freedom Fighters’ Park on Chamaraja Double Road is in a pathetic condition and asked who is responsible for this. He said that the UGD problem continues at Kamsale Mahadevaiah Circle.

Manjunath questioned the commissioner on what basis 15 crore piece works were undertaken and how the works could be verified even before calling the tender. “This gives rise to suspicion that the corporators were corrupt.”

Meanwhile, MCC council moved a resolution to fix the streetlights through piecemeal work before the inauguration of Dasara festivities. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Mayor Shafi Ahmed and MCC commissioner Gurudatta Hegde. (KS, NGB)

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