MCC to regularise illegal water connections, recover dues

The Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) has decided to recover arrears from water consumers and has also taken steps to regularise illegal water connections.

Addressing media persons at a meeting on Monday, Mayor B L Bhyrappa said: “There are sixty to seventy thousand illegal water connections and if they are regularised, the corporation would get an additional Rs 2 crore revenue per month. In some parts of the city, consumers have cut the water pipes and have attached rubber pipes bypassing the metres,” he said.

Speaking about arrears recovery, the Mayor criticised the officials from Vani Vilas Water Works for failing to collect from defaulters. He said: “Officials have failed to collect dues of nearly Rs 133.81 crore from defaulters and I am disappointed with their performance. From nearly 1,30,721 metered connections, the MCC is yet to recover Rs 133.81 crore and there are more than 36,000 consumers and each of them owe the MCC Rs 5000 and more water bill. These consumers have been identified and have been given a deadline of 15 days to settle the amount.”

“Those consumers who owe Rs 5,000 and above can also divide the arrears and pay in instalments but should start paying the current bills before the last date of every month,” he added.

Deputy Mayor Vanitha Prasanna, MCC Council opposition leader J S Jagadish, ruling party leader K T Chaluvegowda, Vani Vilas Water Works officials were present.

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