MCC told to provide better facilities in commercial areas

Opinions on construction of toilets in commercial areas, parking facility, property and water tax collection and waste management dominated the second pre-budget public meeting convened by the Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) on Thursday.

The MCC officials were asked to focus on collection of taxes, both property and water, most of which was pending, besides allocating funds in the budget to construct toilets and parking facility in commercial areas. The officials were also advised to stop wasting funds on works which does not come under the jurisdiction of MCC such in case of government guest house maintenance of which was undertaken by MCC.

AICCM (Association of Informed and Concerned Citizens of Mysore) president M Lakshman said that MCC in its previous budget had allocated funds for the maintenance of the government guest house which has to be undertaken by the government and not MCC. “Corporation ought to focus on projects which come under its jurisdiction. It has a lot of things to do,” he said.

He also questioned the officials about the establishment of Tourists’ Information Centre as announced in the previous budget and the prolong delay in the construction of multi-level parking facility at the Town Hall, construction of which is going on since years.

Lakshman insisted the MCC officials to declare Mysuru as a heritage city and avail special grants from the central government for the city’s development. “Ever since the scheme for development of heritage cities, MCC has been insisted on to declare Mysuru a heritage city. But the MCC is expecting the state government to take the initiative. The corporation has to declare Mysuru a heritage city first and the state government will do its job later,” he said.

He also stressed on conservation of the 12 lakes which come under the jurisdictions of the MCC. “The conservation of lakes is a serious matter. While the lakes are being encroached on one side, the issue of drainage water being let into lakes is posing potential risk to the survival of lake. MCC should look into this,” he said.  

 Former corporator M Shivanna asked the officials to ensure tax was being collected from 29 revenue layout where MCC was providing all the facilities.

 Mysuru is better than Europe 

When Mysore Industries Association Secretary Suresh Kumar Jain suggested the Mayor M J Ravikumar to send corporators on a study tour to Europe as the garbage treatment, drainage system and other civic works carried out there were worth emulating in Mysuru, the Mayor interrupted Jain midway to declare Mysuru was better than Europe.

 The MCC Commissioner G Jagadeesh assured that all the opinions would be considered and discussed before the budget is prepared.

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