Media should be considerate towards Dalits: Chinnaswamy

Describing the condition of Indian media as “pathetic”, guest faculty at Dr B R Ambedkar Research and Extension Centre, University of Mysore (UoM), Dr Mudanakudu Chinnaswamy opined that Dalits and issues pertaining to them have been categorically ignored.

Delivering a special lecture on ‘Dalit and Media’ here on Saturday, Dr Mudanakudu said  though the Indian media is considered as the fourth pillar in the Indian constitution, its approach towards Dalits has always remained biased.

“Atrocities against Dalits have been rampant over the years. But, what is more disappointing is the attitude of media towards its reporting. Earlier it was only temples and cremation yards where the entry of Dalits was restricted, now, media too is not an exception,” he said.

Dr Mudanakudu further added that Dalits had no scope in the media industry as it was being reigned by upper class. It is for that reason all the issues pertaining to Dalits were being buried, eventually failing to come to the forefront.

“The reason India is still not developed is the discrimination that Dalits and minorities are being subjected to. For the constructive development of the country, everyone needs to be taken into confident and needs equal treatment,” he said.

Dr Mudanakudu also underscored the role of social media in highlighting issues pertaining to Dalits. “With Dalit journalists encountering caste-based discrimination and antagonism against them is pervasive in the mainstream media, social media could be the only hope to bring Dalit issues for discussion,” he added.

Coordinating Officer Dr S Narendra Kumar was present on the occasion.


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