Media, single most powerful agency in today’s world: Prof R N Padmanabha

Even today media stands to be the single most powerful agency in the world and the role of media is fundamental, said Prof R N Padmanabha, retired Professor of Journalism Maharaja’s College.

He was addressing the gathering at the Press Day celebrations organised by Vidyaashram First Grade College at their college premises in city on Tuesday. Prof Padmanabha said “21st century belongs to management and media fields, if we can produce experts in any one of the field, we can rule the world. Students of communication and journalism must have four important qualities in them; don’t just hear but listen, don’t just see but observe, don’t understand but absorb, don’t just talk but communicate; these are the basic virtues for a journalism student to learn in the field. A mass communication and journalism student must know software or hardware are else he or she will be nowhere.”

“Digital impact today is very significant; it has brought a transformation in living style and has brought a change in the way we used to communicate. The major power in our hand today is the digital instrument,” he added.

“Both print and electronic media have been undergoing drastic changes, inconceivable and radical change is taking place in gathering, transmitting and editing news. Journalists must have three qualities to become a complete personality in the field, the first quality is to be humane and possess humanity, second is to have humility and third one is to have humour, they must have a smiling face,” he pointed out.

“A new academic year for journalism students has started in this college; the only way for success of students is by good teaching. Teachers need to win the hearts of enthusiastic students. Both teachers and students need to acquire new skill to survive in this competitive world,” said Prof Padmanabha

Delivering the presidential address, Chairman and Founder of Vidyaashram K Rakesh Raje Urs said “Earlier information was the power, later on knowledge was the major power, but today power has gone digital. In the present century with digitisation, all of us have become journalists knowingly or unknowingly by posting our views in social media. But unfortunately we don’t see with two sides. News has two sides and we must see it in both the angles, then only it can become unbiased news. We need to relook and examine in what way we are putting up our views.”

Principal of Vidyaashram Khushy and others were present.

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