Medical shops make hay, thanks to coronavirus threat

Mysuru, March 11:- People are frightened by the increasing cases of coronavirus across the state and elsewhere. As a measure of precaution, people are seen wearing face masks.

Most of the medical shops are trying to create an artificial demand so that they can jack up the prices of masks. Presently, there is a shortage and even if they are available, one is forced to cough up more. People have complained to Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) that the medical shops are selling masks at a higher price than what is prescribed. Just imagine a mask which is worth only Rs 90 being sold Rs 500!

The chairman of Health Standing Committee of MCC Gopi and its members visited medical shops near KR Hospital and other parts of the city on Wednesday for first-hand information.

Speaking to media, Gopi said MCC has received a lot of complaints against the medical shops selling masks at a higher price. He warned medical shops against such unethical practices.

Health officer of MCC Dr Nagaraj said that the committee also visited KR Hospital to look into problems. He informed that a separate ward for coronavirus treatment has been in place at KR Hospital. (MR/HN)


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