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Men can have fun with accessories too

Accessorising one’s look is not just a women’s thing! Fashion-conscious men are taking note of how a simple accessory like a bracelet or even a pocket square can add a dash of style.

Here we have some tips to share on the top five trends:

* Bracelets: Whether you are a fan of men’s jewellery or not, an understated bracelet can add a touch of personality to any outfit. With a perfect wrist game, you can bring a sense of style to your outfit. Try beaded bracelets with charms/metal motifs, leather bracelets with a rugged finish and threaded Macramé bracelets. 

* Socks: Socks play an important role is giving that extra edge to the attire. It’s a small factor that can be noticed in a big way. Graphic socks, patterned (argyle, paisley, etc), loud solid colours, contrasting colours, geometric shapes… These will surely help you refine your playfulness with your attire. Another trend that has really helped men add more style to their shoes is the no-show socks. These keep your feet comfortable and shoes stink-free, and let you wear loafers and slip-ons with your socks hidden away.

* Neck chains: Loud metal motifs around your neck which makes a bold style statement, can change the look of your casual t-shirt. 

* Pocket squares: Again an accent accessory to that perfect suit. Go for prints, solid colours and florals. It plays an important role in bringing a dapper to your classic suit.

* Statement sunglasses: Summer wouldn’t be summer without a pair of sunglasses in your arsenal. And if you’re looking for an easy way to inject some life into your style, try a pair of statement frames.

Aviators and wayfarers are outdated. Today people are wearing bold and colourful mirror glasses. Rounds and flats (John Lennon ones) are in trend which give a hipster look. And black and gold combination keeps it classy and rich.

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