Mental health is as vital as physical health for cops, says DC D Randeep

Nowadays everyone is living in stress due to varied work culture. Policeman have the highest stress levels in their life. To get away from stress and give themselves a moment of calmness and peace, sports is very vital, said District Commissioner D Randeep.

He was speaking after inaugurating the two-day Sports Meet for police personnel held at DAR Parade Grounds, here, on Thursday.

Speaking after handing over the torch, the DC said that “For a policeman along with physical fitness, mental fitness is also very important.  Earlier, it would take four minutes to run one km, but now police personnel can achieve the mark in three or three-and-a-half minutes. Sports activities will help to have a healthy body along with a sound mind.”

Police should start exercising, both physical and mental fitness is important for police personnel. Policemen should actively participate in the two-day sports meet that has been organised for them, he added.

All the participants took sports oath on the occasion. SP Ravi D Chennannanavar, Additional Police Commissioner Kalakrishnamurthy and others were present.

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