Mental treatment for stray animals; MCC to introduce new scheme

Mysuru, May 11:- Mysuru is about to witness a new set of treatment, which will provide mental treatment to stray dogs and other stray animals to not hurt or harm the public. This is said to be the first such effort in the entire state.

Depression, anger, strange behaviour, attacking unnecessarily are common among animals. Animals that suffer mental illness turn out to be dangerous. Stray dogs, in particular, have become problematic in the city.

MCC scheme: There are several private clinics that treat animals but centres that provide mental treatment to stray animals are rare to find. Such centres are presently functioning in Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Now, MCC is also planning to have one such centre.

Stray dogs pose problems to the public in every city. Not only the pedestrians, but even motorists are troubled as strays attack them all of a sudden without any provocation. Many bikers fall off their vehicles due to this. Some stray dogs keep barking throughout the night. People feel it is a bad omen but it is said to be due to the mental illness of the animal.

According to the Protection of Animals Act, stray dogs and any orphan animal cannot be killed. Due to this, stray dogs can be seen everywhere. It is said that there are 41,860 stray dogs in Mysuru alone. MCC is struggling to control the menace of stray dogs. After starting the new centre, such animals with strange behaviour will be treated. They will be made to behave properly and will be allowed to be adopted.

MCC has dedicated five acres of land for the rehabilitation of such animals. The centre will be constructed at a cost of Rs 1.5 crore. A tender has already been called for the centre. Along with providing shelter to the animals, their behavioural problems will also be solved.

Along with stray dogs, other animals will also be housed in this centre which includes 1000 stray dogs, 100 cattle and horses, 50 donkeys. The project will gain momentum once the election code of conduct is lifted. (MR/KS)

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