‘METRO’ to explore the psyche of the criminals.

Forthcoming Tamil crime-thriller ‘Metro’ which explores the psyche of modern-day criminals,is inspired by a real incident, which was witnessed by its director Ananda Krishnan, not long ago. “Few years ago, I had witnessed a chain snatching. Thank fully, it was a failed attempt but the lady fell down and bruised herself in the process. The men­tal trauma she underwent during that split second and the ensu­ing hours inspired me to make ‘Metro’, says Anand.

Mostly starring newcomers Shirish Saravanan, Sathya, Ni­shanth and Rajkumar, the film also features National Award-winning actor Bobby Simhaa in a pivotal role. “I wanted to un­derstand what really motivates people to commit these crimes. From my understanding, even small things like the inability of parents to buy their college-going son a bike of his choice can push him to extreme limits. I’ve also explored this angle in the film,” he said. Going by the promos, the film has caught the attention of audiences for its raw and authentic portrayal of crime. One of the major challenges for the crew was to shoot in public.

Shot in 28 days under a tight budget, Metro releases in cinemas on Friday. His film may have been denied certification originally, but Anand feels audiences are ready for raw and gritty films. “As hu­mans, we are all raw on the inside. I’m not showing something that audiences won’t accept. Sadly, we haven’t had many films that are raw and gritty. Once they get used to realistic films, this trend will gain

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