MG Road is in utter chaos

The vegetable market is visited daily by many buyers. The growers/sellers park their vehicles at will, blocking the movement of traffic from Race Course side. In addition, the median provided to facilitate flow of traffic on both directions has been cut in many places to take U turn at their will, while  autos park haphazardly ignoring the traffic; thus causing inconvenience to  road users. Despite providing median and barricading, two wheelers, autos and delivery vans brazenly go on wrong side making this place a mess. The ‘ever under repair’ _ road linking JSS hospital to Agrahara circle adds to the miseries of road users. It is necessary to shift the vegetable market to APMC yard to enable smooth flow of traffic. This shifting will help solve much of the problems of this artery which links to the other side of the city.  MCC authorities and people’s representatives should coordinate and take immediate decision and shift the vegetable market to APMC Yard.

MRG Murthy, Mysuru

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