Milagrow launches India’s first robotic vacuum cleaner

Indian consumer robot maker Milagrow on Friday launched the country’s first full wet mopping and dry cleaning, floor vacuuming robot with the world’s largest smart mop to suit Indian household requirements.

Named AguaBot 5.0, the Rs 31,990 robot comes with a water reservoir and smart mop (350x210mm) attachment. The water tank and smart mop have been made in such a way that only the front portion of the mop will do the wet mopping while the back portion, which is kept dry would wipe the floor dry, the company said in a statement.

“We understood that the Indian housewife looks for a dry and wet mop solution together and we have gone one step ahead to bring in complete cleaning process solution to the consumer,” said Debashis Das, CEO, Milagrow.

AguaBot 5.0 has been built with Milagrow’s 5th generation robotic software and comes with dual-suction control. The maximum suction can go up to 45 watt. 

The dual-suction control gets activated when the AguaBot senses extra dirt or when the consumer chooses the turbo suction on the remote control. The normal mode saves battery while the turbo mode provides the extra power needed to suck up tough dirt.

The AguaBot 5.0 also has a brushless cleaning mechanism which is especially good for carpets. 

The robot weighs 2.5 kg and increasing the speed of the robot gives it a coverage of almost 3,500 sq feet in about 120 minutes on a single battery charge. The robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a two-year warranty. 

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