Minister Eshwarappa’s supporters make mockery of Covid rules at Chamundi Hills

Mysuru, July 10:- At a time when the whole world is struggling to come to terms with coronavirus pandemic, social distancing, face masks and sanitiser are of utmost importance. This is the only way the district administration can control Covid-19 spiral. But the supporters of Panchayat Raj Minister K S Eshwarappa threw caution to the wind on the occasion of Ashada Shukravara puja at Chamundi Hills today (July 10).

On his part, the minister should have told his supporters to follow guidelines but that was not the case. Looking at the turn of events atop Chamundi Hills, people wanted to know if they can also get with away such glaring lapses.

Eshwarappa’s supporters and party workers surrounded him without bothering about maintaining distance. The minister could have certainly asked them to follow government guidelines but he kept mum. The issue is being discussed on social media. Netizens are questioning the irresponsible behaviour of the minister.

Senior advocate P J Raghavendra took to social media to condemn the incident. “Eshwarappa visited the hills at 7:45 am. Bharatiya Janata Party workers, leaders and media personnel surrounded the minister without bothering to maintain social distancing. If ministers, political leaders and party workers, media persons don’t maintain social distancing, how can they ask the common man to follow guidelines? he asked.

Social worker Vikram Iyengar mocked at the incident by posting the image. He said that public entry to Chamundi Hills is prohibited and questioned if politicians, police officials and actors are exceptions.

“The Muzrai Department says no one is allowed during Ashada Shukravara. But politicians, their followers, actors, government officials and family members of police officials are allowed to enter the temple. Rules differ from person to person,” he said. (MR, KS)


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