Minister promises to look into teachers’ problems

Primary and Secondary Education minister Tanveer Sait on Thursday cautioned teachers and lecturers of stern action if they approached media to raise their problems. He issued a gag order and said any such violation will be viewed seriously.

PU lecturers, led by ACICM convener M Lakshman, met Sait at the government huest house, to discuss problems faced by them. The meeting comes after the PU lecturers boycotted the evaluation of the answer scripts of the II PU exams a couple of months back.

The meeting was scheduled to at 11 am but by the minister came, it was already 1.30 pm. Lecturers and various organisation members, including Falcon Tyres employees,  who had come to express their grievances were made to wait for over two hours.

He said that he will take necessary decisions on the matter of transfers, recruitment and other issues related to teachers and lecturers.

Talking to teachers about their work, he said that government is fulfilling all the promises made to the lecturers and “it is their duty to improve quality of teaching.”  

“Every religion has given importance to teachers. You should develop good rapport with students for better teaching”, he said and added that “There is a misconception that government schools are only for poor, while aided school are for middle class and private schools are for rich. This attitude should go.”  Sait said that he will try to resolve the problems as much as possible and warned them not to go the media.

When a teacher raised the issue of problems in Moraji Desai Residential Schools, Tanveer opined that every issue can’t be resolved openly. “I will discuss the issues with your representatives and not in public,” he said.

More schools if needed

Minister Tanveer Sait said that there are 4164 government primary schools with a strength of 10 students.  “The government is not closing any of these schools. Meanwhile, the government is also taking up a survey of schools which have not been done since 12 years. Based on the survey, more schools will be opened.”


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