Minister Puttarangashetty’s absence irks GTD

Mysuru, October 12:- District In-charge Minister G T Devegowda is upset with Minister Puttarangashetty staying away from Dasara Festivities. The Congress leader seems to be angry that his photo was not printed on Dasara posters deliberately. “It is a petty issue which should have been overlooked,” Devegowda said here on Friday.

“Puttarangashetty is asking why the authorities printed Sa Ra Mahesh’s photo on the posters. Mahesh is involved in various Dasara activities. Despite giving an explanation, Puttarangashetty is not able to understand. He is also blaming us for not appointing members to Dasara Subcommittees. How could we do it when there was election code of conduct in place? We can’t do anything if he gets angry over silly issues,” Devegowda added.

The minister requested everyone to be part of Dasara Festivities keeping aside political misunderstandings. (MR/KS).

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