Minister releases Seematheetha Kannada Sahitya Charitre

Seematheetha Kannada Sahitya Charitre, an ambitious project of Kuvempu Kannada Study Centre (KKSC) of University of Mysore, which looks at Kannada literature from the perspective of subaltern culture, was released by District In-charge Minister V Srinivas Prasad on Monday along with three revised volumes (3, 5 and 7) of Kannada Vishwakosha (encyclopedia).

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Kannada and Culture Umashree said that Seematheetha Kannada Saahitya Charitre records the unrecorded literary achievements of Dalits and weaker sections of the society.

“Many of the literary works of people belonging to lower class were not recorded in the olden days as people’s mindset did not allow it. The KKSC has done a remarkable job in digging out such facts and presenting them to the public,” Umashree said.

Umashree described the work as a unique experiment in the literary world. She assured to sanction the remaining Rs one core towards taking up works under Classical Kannada.

Speaking on the occasion, District In-charge Minister V Srinivas Prasad appreciated all those who were behind bringing out a collection of volumes which, he said would benefit people at large. It was a major contribution to Kannada, he said.

Prasad said on the occasion that it was people belonging to lower class who were the original inhabitants of the country and who actually built the country. Despite this fact, they are subjected to discrimination on the ground of casts. He said it was being seen as if dalits only need reservation and benefits which was not true. They need love of people and acceptance in the society, he said.

He expressed shock over the suspected honour killing of a girl in Mandya for falling in love with a boy from a lower community.

University of Mysore Vice Chancellor Prof K S Rangappa and Registrar Prof C Basavaraju were present.

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