Minister visits Chamundi Vihar stadium, issues notice

Minister of State for Fisheries, Sports and Youth Services Pramod Madhwaraj visited Chamundi Vihar Stadium at Nazarbad on Tuesday.

The minister noticed that the there was a lot of infrastructural issues at the stadium including leakage and bad flooring. Upset by the lack of maintenance, he issued a notice to Deputy Director, Suresh and gave a time limit of one month to get the toilets cleaned.

“Students come from various places and it is our responsibility to provide them with proper sanitation facilities. We need to make them feel safe here. So, get the toilets cleaned immediately” he instructed.

He also instructed Regional Commissioner A M Kunjappa to see to it that the stadium was maintained properly.

The minister then visited the Women’s Hostel where he heard complaints regarding a coach. He did not reveal the name or the issue to media persons but said that necessary action would be taken if the coach was found guilty. He also received complaint against the food supply contractor.

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