Miscreants trick woman and steal gold ornaments

Mysuru, January 12:- A woman was tricked by two unknown people and lost her gold ornaments near Nanjumalige here on Thursday.

One Rathna Bai was going towards Nanjumalige from Narayana Shastry Road. A woman showed Rathna Bai a wallet and told her she found it on the road and asked her to share the money. Then a person arrived there and asked whether they found a wallet. Both the women said that they haven’t. Then he asked them to swear on the gold they were wearing. Both the women put the gold in a paper cover and held it on their head. The other woman told Rathna Bai not to open the pocket there and went away. When Rathna Bai opened the pocket after walking some distance, she found sand in the pocket instead of her 40-gram chain and 5-gram ring. She has registered a complaint at K R Oolice Station. (MR/KS)

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