MLC aspirants’ interaction held at MDJA office

“Revenue and District In-charge Minister Srinivas Prasad is not upset with the selection of my name to the South Graduates’ constituen­cy but he is obviously upset with the process of selecting my candidature. He is happy and has extended his support to me,” said Congress candi­date for the South Graduates’ constituency, Dr Ravindra.

Mysore District Journal­ists’ Association on Wednes­day organised a media inter­action programme with the candidates contesting the South Graduates’ constituen­cy. Replying to a question that the minister Srinivas Prasad is upset over his candidature, Dr Ravindra said, “Srinivas Prasad is a senior politician of the party and one of the prominent political leaders. I have lot of respect for him and he has extended his support to me.”When

When independent candidate and writer Prof K S Bhagawan was asked wheth­er he is participating in the election to damage the Con­gress, he said, “I do not be­long to any party and even not happy with the performance of these parties in the state and the central governments. I am contesting this election as an independent candidate. I sought advice from 1,000 voters spread over four districts during my tour and out of them, 998 suggested I should contest. I am following their words. Our Constitution has also quoted a few funda­mental duties which promote rationalism, develop scientific thinking and humanism. To­day we hardly see people do­ing their duties. If I am elect­ed, I will spread this message and work for the development of scientific temper.”

BJP candidate V Ravis­hankar said he will work for the welfare of all the graduates and government offices in his region and will uplift to imple­ment Kumar Nayak Commit­tee report. JD(S) candidate K T Srikante Gowda blamed the BJP that the committee report was put on hold during the BJP tenure in the state as their party leader Vishwesh­wara Kageri interfered and opposed its implementation.

When Dr Ravindra was asked whether he would sup­port the mass protest by the police, he said, “I extend my support to the police person­nel who are staging a mass protest against harassment by senior officers but I request them to stage the protest once the elections are over.”

MDJA President K Deep­ak, Lokesh Babu and others were present.

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