Mobile science laboratory flagged off

Following fair results in the science demonstration in the rural places in four districts, University of Mysore (UOM) on Tuesday unveiled a mobile science laboratory that demonstrates science at various high schools in rural places.

Prof K S Rangappa, Vice-Chancellor, UoM, inaugurated the mobile science laboratory at Crawford Hall in the presence of high school children from Manasa Gangotri School.

The mobile science laboratory is designed for high school students and funded by Karnataka Science and Technology Promotion Society and donated to Committee for the Development of Science in Schools (CDSS), UoM under ‘Special Development Program’.

The mobile science laboratory that costs about Rs 30 Lakh has been altered to give an outdoor demonstration of scientific instruments. The van has a television set and projection screens that make the scientific demonstration even smarter.

The laboratory has a capacity of accommodating 16 students at a time while demonstrating the experimental instruments in the subjects of physics, biology, chemistry, computer and electronics.

The CDSS initiated the project of scientific demonstration eight years ago with 18 retired science professors, research scholars and other officials from the university. The committee travelled all around villages in four districts coming under the jurisdiction of UoM.

Speaking to City Today, Prof Cletus J M D’Souza, Chairman, CDSS said, “This project is an addition to the promotion we are giving for the science. Since eight years our committee members are travelling in rural places to attract more students towards science. There is a gradual improvement in the result in rural places. Usually there were about 50 percent of rural students failing in science subjects, now it has gradually come down. We hope that this laboratory will give better results in the coming days,” he added.

Speaking to city Today, Mahadeva Swamy, teacher at Manasa Gangotri High School, said, “We are very happy that this mobile scientific laboratory is going to travel all around the villages. Usually the rural and Kannada medium schoolchildren are always afraid of science subjects. Also we could not see such infra-structure in our schools. Thus, this laboratory would surely make the school children be keen to learn science,” he added.

After the inauguration, Prof K S Rangappa said, “This mobile science laboratory is definitely going to help the schoolchildren from Kannada medium, especially in rural places. These students are always afraid of science subjects as they don’t get to enjoy these subjects. This laboratory will help to promote and make science much easier for children in rural places. We have allotted one such van as of now. We will allot more vans in case if there is demand,” he added.

Prof K S Bhyrappa, Vice Chancellor, Mangalore University, Dr H Honne Gowda, Managing Director, KSTPS, Prof R Rajanna, Registrar, UoM and more than 50 students from Manasa Gangotri School were present in the programme.


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