Moderate rainfall in Mysuru for next five days  

Light to moderate rainfall may be expected from January 28 to February 01 in Mysuru district. The day temperature is expected to be 26-28°C and night temperature is expected to be 13-16°C. The relative humidity in the morning hours is expected to be 89-97 per cent & afternoon relative humidity is expected to be in the range 38 to 58 per cent. Wind speed expected to be 4-8 km/ hr.


In the area where the paddy harvesting is completed, farmers are advised to take up fall ploughing which will facilitate conservation of rainwater due to pre monsoon showers. In paddy fields where there is no residue moisture, in such fields farmers can take up deep ploughing, so that the soil pathogens will die and in turn it will help to reduce pest incidence for the next paddy crop.

 If rains received dry land farmers may take up land preparation across the land slope and keep ready the land for crop sowing.

While sowing of pulse crops, seeds may be treated with appropriate strain of rhizobium culture before sowing. 20gm/kg of seed.

Wherever the farmers are intending to take up paddy and sugarcane in next season, a green manure crop can be grown and incorporated in the soil.


Weather forecast for the next five days (From January 28 to February 01, 2017)

Parameter 28.01.2017 29.01.2017 30.01.2017 31.01.2017 01.02.2017
Rainfall (mm) 8 5 5 4 0
Max. Temp (°C) 26 26 27 27 28
Min.Temp (°C) 15 16 15 14 13
Sky condition (Octas) 8 7 3 4 1
Relative humidity (%) 0830 hours 97 97 94 93 89
Relative humidity (%) 1730 hours 58 57 49 44 38
Wind Speed (kmph) 8 8 6 4 4
Wind Direction 80 80 80 100



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