Modi scores a point

Ever since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister after a massive mandate, the Congress is not able to reconcile to the humiliating defeat. Media and many intellectuals, who thrived under the rule of the Congress, have become silent allies. This manifested in many subtle ways like BJP was portrayed in bad light. The ‘Award Vapsi’ brigade was the most glaring example and its ramifications could be seen when the opposition, led by the Congress and CPI, targeted Modi that put the NDA government on the back foot with the rabid outfits like VHP and Bajrang Dal under the wings of RSS. The same did not help matters when they queered the pitch with comments that tended to push through the Hindutva agenda which was red rag to the opposition and pseudo-secularists. Its strident attack was directed at Modi, targeting him for his silence, suggesting that he was controlled by RSS and wanted him to speak on many incidents directly holding him as the root cause of trouble. Then the Congress and CPI were in the forefront  of jumping into the incident in Hyderabad nailing HRD Minister as responsible for a suicide forgetting the number of suicides that happened earlier when the Congress was in rule. Modi has come out in no uncertain terms breaking his silence, while condemning ‘ Gau rakshaks’. He has sent a clear message to all the concerned to take stern action against those who in the guise of ‘cow rakshaks’ harass Dalits and others. With his bold stance, he has finally sent a message saying ‘enough is enough’ and his primary focus as Prime Minister lies  in developing the country, while taking all factors into consideration.  One can now discern a mood change in Modi and I foresee more interaction with the media and more specifically with regard to India’s policy towards Pakistan and separatists in Jammu and Kashmir.

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