Modi successfully fooled the entire nation: Vishwanath

A H Vishwanath, former MP of Mysuru-Kodagu and senior Congress leader, came heavily on Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP government’s move on the demonetization of Rs 500 and 1000 denomination notes, saying that the “People of the country have been fooled by Modi’s prolific statements.”

Addressing the media persons at Jaladarshini guest house in the city on Friday, he said, “It is very usual that the leader of a country always troubles the rival countries. But in India, our leader has troubled his own fellow citizens. The general public blindly trusted Modi and now they are facing the problems. We can also see that there are many who support Modi despite having troubles. Certainly,  no economist around the world has supported this move of de-monetisation.”

“One of the worst things that we could witness is that BJP labels a person as patriot if they supporting Modi’s move or else they label him as anti-national. This is the biggest strategy of BJP activists. There has been an ultimate misuse of social media and internet,” he added.

Vishwanath said, “Modi always says that he is doing revolution in digitalization but he must remember that Congress is the party which popularised the internet and communication sector in India. But I confess that Congress failed in opposing this issue effectively. It is unfortunate that the Congress could not find such leaders. However, we are organising a nationwide protest against BJP on January 6,” he added.

Speaking about his party issues, he said, “We must agree that our Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has sidelined the cautions and advises given by Janardhan Poojary and to some extent my suggestions too. CM must consider the leaders of his party. But I always say Poojary and I are like Seeta in Ramayana. Whatever problem comes, we always stick to our ideologies and the party,” he added.

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