Modi, the man of destiny

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a man in a hurry and when he announced  demonetisation on November 8, he was taking upon himself the extreme risk like Abhimanyu entering the ‘Chakravyuha’ to fight the demon of corruption, fighting a lone battle against  entrenched Kauravas  surrounding him zealously protecting the loot of 70 years. All indications are that dharma and morality are on Modi’s side with people strongly supporting him which is like Bramhastra in his hands to flay the evil forces and he, unlike Abhimanyu, is destined to create history and emerge victorious in his 50th day target  set for by himself. This can also be viewed as a fight against  the corruption having grown into a formidable proportion of a giant blinded with a myopic vision  being faced by the David in Modi, purely armed with his deadly sling of courage and  faith in demonetisation powered by aam admi to slay it in the battle of good over evil.

H R Bapu Satyanarayana, Mysuru

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