Monkey menace haunts Mysureans and MCC

While the monkey menace in the city has created panic and helplessness among the Mysureans, it has become a more pathetic task for the MCC and the forest department as they are unable to find a solution for the problems caused by these monkeys.

Monkey menace

City Today, in its visit found out that most of the residential areas in the city are affected by the monkey menace. Many residents said that the monkeys enter their houses and dislocate the belongings and in a few incidents, the menace has also reached till the mobile phones that were left for charging.

Manjunath, a resident of Vidyaranyapuram, speaking to City Today, said: “We are fed up of the problems caused by the monkeys. Every day, the monkeys enter our homes and create chaos. Since many days we are not even able to leave our clothes to dry on the roof top,” he added.

Devamma, a lady from Vidyaranyapuram, said: “We are very much afraid of the monkey menace now. There are time when monkeys climb houses and throw bricks from the top. We never know when these bricks would fall on us.”

Speaking to City Today, M V Ramprasad, Corporator of Vidyaranyapuram, said: “My area has been affected the most. Initially, the monkey menace was brought to control with the fogging bullets. But now the fogging bullets strategy has failed to avoid monkeys. I have written several letters to mayor about this issue but there has been no solution for it.”

Mayor B L Bhyrappa said: “We are receiving many complaints from the wards regarding the issue. But we are unable to find any solution. Initially, we were successful in finding solution, but now due to strict conditions and rules from forest department, we are unable to do it,” he added.

Speaking on the issue, Dr Suresh S C, veterinary doctor, said: “Yes, the monkey menace is there in the city. Monkeys have got used to the fogging bullets and they are not scared of it. Many people ask us to catch the monkeys by installing cages but we don’t have provision for such things under the Wild Life Act. Even if we catch them, we cannot release them to the forest later. Only forest department may act upon it. We do not have any authority to catch or hurt any animal under the strict animal laws,” he added.

V Karikalan, Deputy Conservator of Forest, said: “Monkeys come under the ‘Scheduled 3 Animal’ list. Thus anyone who kill these animals are punishable under Sction 11, 1 (b) of Wildlife Protection Act. We have certain rules and regulations where we permit any panchayat or corporation to catch them on special consideration only when the problem is intense. Even if we permit them, it has to be done in the presence of wildlife wardens from catching them to releasing them in the forest.”

“Even during Dasara or Governor’s visit, we only make them run out of the place temporarily but we do not catch them. And regarding the matter, we have not received any complaints or requests from MCC, but we have received only a few calls from the public regarding this matter. MCC can send us the request and then we will send our wildlife wardens to monitor it,” he added.

-By Manoj N Sharma

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