Monotonous serials

Nowadays viewing of serials on TV has been disgusting quite often as the programmers try to rewind the scenes and try to show the same scenes quite often. Of course the advertisements interrupt in between. No doubt sometimes the stories in the serials are interesting but the way the programmers are taking the viewers for a ride is disgusting. This is just to  prolong the serial for a longer period during the allotted time so that more advertisements could be inserted in between. But the net result is that the story never moves forward and we are forced to see the same scenes again and again. This is one of the ways of cheating the viewers and hence the concerned department at the Centre should warn the programmers of the serials to desist from such practices. If the trend continues, even criminal action for cheating the public under the relevant act should be initiated to prevent such recurrences. 

KV Ramanath, Mysuru

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